About OutKind

A Safe Space and a Philosophy

OutKind Counseling is not currently accepting new clients. OutKind is a mental health counseling practice committed to the principles of acceptance, inclusion, diversity, and cultural humility. It is a place of warm welcome to those in need, a safe space for all persons, and a practice of hope and respect for each individual and the fundamental, cultural contexts of their lives.

OutKind is for all those wishing to find their way out of their shadows and embolden their light. Specializing in issues of trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction, gender identity, and sexual orientation for those who are Veterans, those who identify among the LGBTQ communities, those who are students and those living with addiction, OutKind Counseling is here to help.

Find your way out to the kindness that awaits!

Sharing the Journey

Counseling is a shared journey.  The counselor's role is to bring compassion, empathy, and skill.  The client's role is to bring their heart, history, and hurt.  Together they forge their way forward.  OutKind Counseling shares this journey with clients through patient-centered, gender-affirming care.

Forging Your Path

Whatever it is that brings you into counseling, it is important that you are seen in the context of your personhood.  You are complex and dynamic, ever changing and responding to the changes around you.  Let's work together to help you find your light!